Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review: Etsy Seller AmericanDecal Personalized Cup

Last Christmas I was in search of a personalized gift for a friend for a Secret Santa. My partner is an on the go mom who works outside the home and runs her kids to and from school as well as many extra curricular activities. Once again, I found myself on my favorite website - Etsy. It was there I found the shop AmericanDecal.

AmericanDecal offers many different items personalized with vinyl lettering. When I saw her 20 oz personalized acrylic cups, I knew I'd found something perfect for my gift. I purchased two cups for her for the gifts, and made a mental note that I'd be back to purchase one for myself too.

After the holidays, I was ready to purchase my own cup. Knowing from my previous experience that AmericanDecal is very easy to work with, I knew that personalizing my cup would be an easy process. I had decided I wanted a "firefighter's wife" cup. When I had initially messaged her for my custom order, she gave me a variety of options. When she mentioned being able to use a flame print vinyl, I was very excited. We decided on the cup saying "Firefighter's Wife" on one side, and 374's station and badge number on the other side. We also agreed on black and flame hearts and dots. I love that this seller is very accommodating and will try everything in her power to make your vision come to life.

When I received my cup, I was genuinely pleased. It came out just as I had pictured it in my mind. The vinyl is great quality. I like the size of the cup - at 20oz it's bigger than most reusable cups on the market. I use this cup on an almost daily basis, whether I'm at home or on the go. It is not recommended to run these cups through the dishwasher. A light hand washing has kept my cup and it's vinyl looking like new.

The only downside to this cup is I've had a hard time finding a reusable straw that is long enough to fit this cup, as it does not come with a straw included. It's not enough to cause me any stress though. I make use of what I have. I love sporting this cup where ever I go. When I'm at home I usually use it without the lid, so the straw is a non-issue.

I will definitely purchase from this seller again. Shipping is very reasonable in regards to price and time. She also offers a variety of other items - vinyl lettering for the bottom of shoes to be used in engagement/wedding photos, vinyl decals, pencil cases, wine glasses, and mailbox decals just to name a few!

I am a very happy repeat customer!


  1. I love my cups, thanks to you secret santa!! I use my nurse one all the time at work, my water stays so cold no matter how long it has to sit on my desk and I have to beat the kids to filling the lacrosse one with a drink for myself before they do!

  2. I'm glad you like yours too! I agree, my drinks stay cold a long time too! Next on my list is a dance mom cup. Thanks for the comment! :)