Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: Black Helmet Does It Again! Bunker Gear Wallet Part 1

The people at Black Helmet Apparel saw my post last week on their awesome t-shirts, and were happy to receive an honest review of some of their products. So happy, in fact, that they offered to send another product to me to review! I let 374 browse their website and pick out the item since he loves their gear so much.

I was not at all surprised when he picked an item that was at the top of his and my wish list - the Bunker Gear Tri-fold Wallet. This wallet is made from decommissioned bunker gear from the London Fire Brigade. I absolutely love the fact that the gear that protected these men and women is still being put to use today.

We put in the order for the wallet on Sunday May 20th, and on Thursday May 24th it had arrived. Yet another rave I have in regards to Black Helmet Apparel is their quick shipping. I have ordered from other firefighter websites, and it takes upwards of two weeks to receive their merchandise. However the wallet arrived a day earlier than anticipated. That's my kind of shipping!

374 works third shift at his full time job, so when he gets home he goes straight to bed. Our mail comes first thing in the morning. See the problem here?? Luckily I was not expecting the wallet until Friday. So Thursday morning I went about my day as normal, and didn't check the mail until later in the afternoon. Around 2pm when I went out to get the mail, I squealed when I pulled out the package marked Black Helmet Apparel. Then I tried to figure out how I was going to refrain from waking 374 up for another hour or two - as it wasn't yet time for him to get up.

Long story short, I couldn't resist. I woke him up and couldn't wait to show him the wallet. He was equally impressed. The word that comes to mind when I think of this wallet is awesome. I know, not the most professional or polished word. But it is - this wallet is just plain awesome. I'm not a firefighter myself, but holding this wallet in my hand, knowing that it was a piece of gear that helped protect a firefighter's life is just remarkable.

The wallet is maroon in color - the color of the London Fire Brigade gear. Because these wallets are custom made from the gear - they all are the same color but some variations may occur. Each has a piece of reflective material. On the inside, you will find two pockets on the left, and two pockets on the right. I love that they made a tri-fold. When the wallet was first introduced, they offered it as a bi-fold wallet with a cut out to hold a badge. This tri-fold wallet features the Black Helmet logo and another pocket in the center instead of the badge cut out. The money compartment is sectioned. 374 appreciates a wallet like this because he keeps receipts in one half and his cash in the other. It also comes with an insert to hold pictures. 374 uses it for pictures and business cards. The leather on the inside is genuine leather. 374 commented on the softness and texture of this leather. It's not stiff at all which makes for easy closure even when the wallet is loaded with your essentials.

Much to his pleasure, the wallet arrived Thursday - which was also training night at the station. The wallet made it's rounds with the guys who all were completely impressed. It's a very unique piece that any firefighter would love to have. The quality is amazing. It has ample storage and is not bulky. I'm very much excited to see how it does over the next few weeks as it gets broke in. I am sure it will stand up to the wear of every day use because it's a Black Helmet product!

Will I continue to by Black Helmet? Of course! Not once have I been disappointed with this company. Not only do they produce unique, high quality products but they also give back as I was reminded when removing the business card from the wallet. Black Helmet gives a portion of their proceeds to the Fallen Firefighters Foundation. I love companies who do what they can to give back. It means just making a dollar is not their sole purpose. It makes me feel good to know that when I purchase these products, a portion of my money is going to help someone in need. It's a win win situation when you purchase Black Helmet products.

I will post an update in a few weeks on the wallet after 374 has put it through it's paces. Stay tuned for that!


  1. Great review! I can't wait for my bi-fold to turn up. I think it's amazing how my old fire kit went to the US and then got made into a wallet, only to make it's way back to the UK!!

    Well done BHA!!

    1. Thank you Richard for your comment! These really are great pieces. It should serve you well in it's second life! :) Please stop by again!