Sunday, May 13, 2012

You Know You Are A Fireman's Wife If...

I found a similar post on Stop Screaming I'm Driving! and got a good laugh. I've decided to write some of my own that apply to our life as a fire family...


You can't stand a quiet house. The scanner is on whether or not hubby is home or at his full time job.

The smell of fire smoke on your hubby has become an aphrodisiac. 

You have acquired enough Christmas ornaments (even in our two year's time) to start your own fire themed Christmas tree.

After being your hubby's study buddy throughout fire school, you now completely understand things like pyrolysis, overhaul, what a cockloft and scuttle hatch are, and what things like SCBA, NFTA and AFFF mean.

Your hubby wears his pager even if you are going far enough away from town that he won't make a call in time, just so he knows what's going on.

When you make a hair appointment, you get "What do I do with the kids if I get a call?" instead of the normal "What time will you be back?"

"Honey, I'm running up to the station real quick" translates into "I'm going up to play around with my gear, I'll be back in an hour or so."

Every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthday dinner are ate holding your breath hoping the tones don't go off.

Your whole family's wardrobe has been taken over by t-shirts with fire trucks and his station number on them.

Your kids know which truck a fireman is talking about by just hearing it's number over the scanner.

Your pets have fire themed names - Blaze (Chihuahua) and Aerial (Lab/Retriever). Too bad the cats came before we were fire.

I'm sure more of these will come to me in our day to day life. Keep your eyes peeled for more fire family humor!

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  1. I found your blog through Stop, Drop & Blog and am enjoying reading about your fire life! I'm a fire wife in TX, and my hubby started as a volunteer at his dept but is now full time. I feel for ya, and am so glad mine's full time because now his schedule is more consistent. Small town departments are rough. Lookin forward to reading about your adventures! Good luck!!