Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fire Wife to Fire Life...

In addition to being a supportive fire wife to 374, I have also become an active member of the Ladies Auxiliary at his station. Years ago, the Auxiliary was very active, but over a period of time they disassembled and not much was done.

Last fall, the fire chief wanted to get the spouses together, and those interested to start the Auxiliary up again. As I said before, I'm always 100% supportive of my husband. I may not always agree with absolutely everything he does, but I do my best to stand behind him - or really, beside him. So when he came home and told me of the first meeting date, I could tell he was excited and wanted me to attend.

I wasn't sure what to expect, as I was only acquainted with some of the wives. I jotted down some notes - some things I thought would be fun ways to raise money, or help build the bridge between the station and the community. I nervously attended the first meeting, and was pleasantly surprised with the group that had assembled, and how open everyone was.

Since that first meeting we have successful ran two craft and vendor shows, put together a gift raffle for the kids who came to visit with Santa at Christmas, and been able to donate money to a fellow firefighter who recently lost his home to a fire.

We have many more events in the works - most recently we hosting our town's community garage sale date. We are offering food at the station, as well as providing advertising and spaces for rent at the station. We have yet another winter craft and vendor show in the books for this coming December as well.

I love being able to help others, meet new people, and form stronger bonds with the fire spouses who are on the Auxiliary. I have seen myself become more outgoing, and more confident in myself. 374 is so glad to have me be a part of his fire life, too. I love that as becoming a member of the fire department, our circle has grown. Not only did hubby gain many new friends, but the kids and I have too. Friends that have quickly become a big part of our lives. Friends we wouldn't trade for the world!! It's such a family mentality, and that's not something I expected when he signed up. I'm 100% grateful for that!

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