Monday, May 14, 2012

Am I a Mom, or a Taxi??

I'm thankful every day that the tones don't go off - never would I wish for anyone to lose a home, or property, or life. However, it's days like today I'm extra thankful it was a quiet day. I don't think I could have packed more into my day if I tried.

We got up this morning, and got the kids off to school. If you saw my previous post, then you know it was our son's seventh birthday today. After dropping the kids off at school, we came home and got ready for the day. We headed into town, having to be home by 10:45 to get our daughter. We needed to pick up a birthday present and supplies. Bubby requested an Angry Birds birthday, but after searching a few stores we settled on Avengers. Bubby is obsessed with fishing these days, so we knew a pole who be the most appropriate gift for him this year. We got everything we needed and headed back home just in time to pick up Sassy.

I dropped 374 and Sassy off at home, and I was off to work. I left work halfway through my shift so we all could go to Bubby's school and surprise him by having lunch with him. As soon as we were done, I was back to work.

Next on the to-do list was taking Sassy to get her hair done for dance pictures. I got to visit with a friend, and fellow fire wife. She's a hair dresser, and worked her magic on Sassy. I have no patience or talent when it comes to hairstyles, so we left it to the pro! I must say, it turned out beautiful! All the dance moms raved over her, and asked to get set up with appointments for recital day!

Pictures went off without a hitch. All the little girls looked so cute. I can't believe our dance season is almost over! Or how much our girls have grown since their first season dancing together last year.

After all pictures were snapped, it was back in the car to head back home. We ordered dinner on the way. We had been planning a surprise birthday party for Bubby since last week. My grandfather just had hip surgery, so we decided to bring the party to him. We decorated his house up for Bubby in full Avengers mode. I was beaming with excitement for him to walk in. 

I picked Bubby up from our house - he had been staying with my sister while we were at dance pictures. 374 took my sister home, while I told Bubby we had to go pick up his birthday dinner. We picked up our pizza. I played it off as my mom had a pizza order too, and wouldn't Granny be so happy that we delivered her pizza so she didn't have to pick it up! 

The look on his face was priceless when we arrived. There were a few balloons out front, and he was curious as to why. My husband was waiting on the porch with a camera....
Here he is pointing out the balloons. Not at all catching on to what's going on. The poor kid didn't even think we had got him a birthday present. I felt bad, but I was so excited to surprise him. I had a surprise party when I was younger, and it's one of the birthdays I remember the most.

The night ended the best way it could - food, cake, presents, family .... and most important one happy birthday boy. Here's a shot of him enjoying his birthday gift....
I'm so glad 374 was around to lend a hand, and enjoy the festivities. I'm not quite sure how I would have made it through the day without his extra set of hands!! 

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